Peck Warryn

I don't always get hit, but when I do, I don't.


Mostly AC
And Epic Dodge
and Self-Concealmentx5

Rogue 24/Guardian Paramount 18


Was bullied, overcame. Wants to protect others from bullies.

Favorite drink: elven wines
Least favorite drink: Dwarven Ales

Favorite food: Bread(with butter)
Least favorite food: mushrooms

Energetic, but can’t really interact with people.
Terrified of letting his guard down, so he never bathes unless in a very secure place (not that he has anything against cleanliness).

Favorite quote: “Everyone move like I do!” (like… a tiny aerobics instructor)
Best advice (cultural): “Never mess with Olycklig” (Don’t fight things bigger than you)

As a young child, Peck Warryn was very small. It’s not the kind of small that is “svirfneblin child” small, but instead the kind of small that is “small svirfneblin child”. Needless to say, he was picked on quite a bit. His only defense was to dodge punches, which didn’t work so well for him when groups of people attacked him or when it was a surprise. Eventually, however, he got really good at it. He also got much better at avoiding confrontations to begins with. Because the other svirfneblins were “mean”, and other denizens of the underdark were much, much worse, he found his way to and entrance to the surface, and was (after some time) permitted/able to leave the underdark. Although he was now able to protect himself, he was still very paranoid about getting attacked. Because of his amazing ability to defend himself, he was seen as somewhat of an amazing person in general. Eventually, he realized that there were many people out there in the world that were still defenseless, and that it would be better for the sake of the world if he were to sometimes risk his own safety for the safety of others. He became a bodyguard, charging his fees based on the means of the client as well as their need of protection. Fabulously wealthy clients often hired him when their lives were in great danger, and he charged them accordingly. He refused to protect anyone who came into wealth dishonestly, although he would protect those who were legitimate, even if they may not be pleasant. He would also protect the poor who were being exploited by those making their money in less legitimate ways. Throughout all of this, he became better and better at never getting hit, until he became legendary. In fact, in most places he became so legendary that people really think he doesn’t exist. Of course, the people who know things know that he can, in fact, be hit. Just not by any normal being.
People who know him well, of which there are not very many, have probably observed him pulling out a small golden talisman. When asked what it is, he will simply state that it is a memento of “the event” and “the being”. If asked to clarify, he will just stare at the person like they should know, and have witnessed it, even though he has made it clear at other times that no one else was there. Observations about him are that he is short, can’t stand still (not even remotely) and never stops looking for enemies. No one has ever admitted to seeing him sleep, at least not recently. Still, he must rest sometime, since he doesn’t look tired.

Age 65 (70-75 middle age)

Peck Warryn

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